Winter Decorations Ideas for Porch

Do you take pleasure in decorating your house for the guests in the holiday season or if you are someone who gets excited to welcome the guests, but you are not very good at festive décor for your home, especially when it comes to the porch of the house? If yes, the following article will guide you to renovate the porch of the house in a stylish manner.

Focus on Main Elements

With the change in the season, it is important to pay attention to the porch and make significant changes to make it look presentable for the guests in the holiday season. For example, the lanterns could be embellished with the dry arrangement in form leaves and flowers. Likewise, different types of the wreath are hung on the main door to welcome the guests in a warm way. Some of the homemakers prefer to use boxes filled with pinecones and gourds to give the porch a feel of winter. While other renowned names in the decoration business recommend the use of faux stone panels to add a nice texture to the sides of the main door.

However, if you are someone who wants to spend less yet you would like to make the porch seem appealing to the guests, you could get a stand or ladder in rustic tones to use as a rack for greeting signs or for hanging the ferry lights. Moreover, artificial flowers or plants can be used to add color to the dry arrangement. Furthermore, there are some experts who suggest that if you have side stairs or steps on the porch; those could be used as the base to add interesting flowers and hangings.


The Pumpkin Theme

Even though there are various types of themes that you could add to you porch, however, pumpkin is one of the most popular options used by the homemakers in general. Even if you are someone who has got spare decorations of the Halloween, those could also be utilized to add exuberance to the porch of your house. For instance, a pumpkin can be carved out in a way that it looks like a flower pot, this would give you the space to make you dry flower arrangement and to fill it with other small beads. In addition, pumpkins can also serve as a lantern for the porch of your house at night, if you cover the pumpkin with small size lights to make your porch seem sparkly. However, if you want to combine rustic theme to the porch, pumpkins can also be painted or sprayed to add a different tone to the overall look of the porch.


Use of Seasonal Plants

The use of plants to decorate the houses is not only recommended by many experts, but it also looks quite appealing to the eyes. This means that the seasonal plants are one of the cheap ways of making your porch seem elegant. However, it is important to know the particular types of plants that can survive in the cold winters and their special features in order to make use of them in the best possible manner. For example, an easy to maintain option for the fall plant is Croton, it comes in different colors and has a leathery texture to it. This means that the dryness of the winter season won’t damage the plant in extreme conditions. Another plant from the family of mint is recommended for a ripened look of the plant, it is called Ajuga. Furthermore, the violas and pansies are preferred by many experts due to the attractive look of the plant and the ability to survive in low-temperature areas.


Bold Colors

Whether it is the few pieces of furniture you have set up on the porch or if it is the flowers pots, bright tones of color is the trendiest thing to do in the winter season. As it looks not only enticing, but the dull or rustic shades of the leaves and plants is balanced by the bold tones of prime colors. However, if you are someone who likes neutral tones over the bright ones, you could add one shade of the prime colors along with the neutral tones to create a contrasting impression. Furthermore, another benefit of using bright colors on the porch is that they are low maintenance in terms of cleaning furniture pieces in the porch.


Although readymade lanterns and ceiling lights are available in the market for enhancing the lighting of the porch, however, if you want to make your porch look different, you could work on some DIY lighting ideas to make the space seem wonderful at night. For example, string lights are used by some of the experts with the paper shade to create a look of screened in porch.  Similarly, pendant lights with the main door will provide a structure .lighting to your porch. In order to enhance the appearance of the above-mentioned two types of lighting, lights of the garage or any additional lantern should be turned off.


Textured Fabric Covers

If you are interested in innovative ways to brighten up the porch, sweater pots are probably one of the best options for that. The main idea is to use a textured fabric or spare piece of the sweater in a manner that would not only make the plant pots seem different, but your guest will get a cozy feel while entering your home. This would also help to protect the plant pots from moisture or snowy season. In the same manner, the candles can also be covered with a nice woolen fabric to add to your winter theme of warm fabric covers for the main elements in the porch.

Exclusive Furniture Pieces

Despite the preference to people to stay indoors, there are some of the people who like to witness the snowy season from the porch of the house. Likewise, some people prefer having the morning coffee or breakfast on the porch. This means that a small table with two chairs could be set up in one corner of the porch to provide you a chance to curl up in the winter season with your favorite book.


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